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Monday, August 16, 2004

How I'm Living

Just about everything in the Bay Area is so damn easy. I've got a free bike fixed at a moneyless bike workshop, free clothes, just ate some free feminist candy-i.e. dumpstered Luna bars from a local factory here.

It sounds simple but this place is kind of unusual in America in that when people throw stuff away here, often times they put stuff that other people might want in a box by the trash can. If they are feeling extra-industrious they might write "FREE" on the box.

There's just one problem: rent, er, the "H" word. If you talk about it and your problems in finding something affordable it can be drama. Best not bring it up among highly emotional low income types.

Right now I'm on the other side of the equation, trying to sublet a room, but my roommate only wants one person for it and split evenly that's $550/mo, in something one step above a housing project. The thing is that can actually be done, and I've got a few bites in the last week or so. But it would be so much easier if he wouldn't mind 2 people splitting it. Just about every day I'm at the infoshop, someone gets on to the computer looking for something cheap. A couple minutes ago this rad looking girl just typed in "vegetarian" on craigslist rooms/share keyword section, and probably would have found my place, even if I hadn't introduced myself, if the price was $275/each for 2 people instead of $550 for 1.

So I'm stuck appealing to budding yuppies with plenty of options, that might be attracted to the yoga center down the street.